OpenStack Icehouse bugs all cleaned-up

I’ve done some clean-up in the Debian BTS. The result can be seen in the QA graphs:

The last remaining 6 bugs are only affecting OpenStack Essex (which is what Wheezy ships, and which unfortunately I have not enough time to support properly), and the last one is waiting for FTP masters approval after I added Python 3 support to oslo-config (OpenStack is slowly moving to Python3, and I’ve tried to add support to Python3 in the packages as well each time it was possible). Also, the Icehouse packages have passed the tempest tests (a set of functional tests) which we run in our continuous integration system.

As I was doing some triaging, it is possible that some bugs have been closed a bit quickly (like for example the Ceilometer FTBFS which I couldn’t reproduce, even with sbuild and cowbuilder), so it is well possible that some more QA work will be needed later on. I’m also expecting a new set of patches for supporting Ceph in Nova. I’m sure there’s issues which we will discover later on, however, it is nice to have this result right after the first Icehouse release of OpenStack.

Next up: testing new components that I uploaded for this release: Trove (DB as a Service), Designate (DNS as a Service), Ironic (Metal as a Service, or cloud computing on bare-metal), and TripleO (OpenStack on OpenStack). I unfortunately know already that TripleO and Tuskar wont really work yet, and that it needs some patches to be sent upstream for it to support Debian correctly (let’s work it out for Juno!). So please consider it as a technology preview only. Though Trove, Designate and Ironic are supposed to be in good enough shape, I didn’t have the chance to test them more than just installing the packages and checking daemons are running and connected to the various components of OpenStack (eg: database, keystone and RabbitMQ). Please do test them and report bugs in the BTS.

I’d like to thanks Gustavo Panizzo & Thomas Bechtold who contributed to this release, and also the folks at eNovance (Emilien, Cyril, Seb…) who provided precious help with the CI and package quality. See you in the Juno Atlanta design summit next week (as hopefully, my plane ticket issue will be soon solved).