Monthly Archives: August 2012

MiniUPnP now fully in Debian

IT’S FINALLY IN! With this last upload of the MiniUPnP daemon 1.7-3, I’ve reached a first milestone: all of the MiniUPnP libraries, daemons and clients are finally in Debian, in a shape which I am not ashamed anymore. What is UPnP for? Back in the days (around Linux 2.0.3x), the only way to share a […]

Debian 19th birthday at SHLUG Hacking Thursday

We were nearly 20 people from the Shanghai Linux User Group this evening, at JA cafe (near JinAn temple), celebrating Debian’s 19th birthday. As the only DD present at that event (Li Daobing was busy somewhere else), I was honored by my friends to be the one cutting the cake. Above the (very nice) cake […]