Monthly Archives: November 2014

Rotten tomatoes

There’s many ways to interpret the last GR. The way I see it is how Joey hoped Debian was: the outcome of the poll shows that we don’t want to do technical decisions by voting. At the beginning of this GR, I was supportive of it, and though it was a good thing to enforce […]

OpenStack packaging activity: October 2014

Wednesday 1: – Uploaded python-xstatic-jquery removing the .pth file from package. – Uploaded python-taskflow 0.4 to experimental, needed by Cinder Juno RC1 – Uploaded Cinder Juno RC1 to experimental Thuesday 2: – Finally understood that the issue with murano-dashboard was that it doesn’t build without django-nose >= 1.2. Opened new patch at: – Uploaded […]

Working with Mirantis from now on

During 2 years, my packaging efforts were sponsored by eNovance. It has been great to work with them, and I would like to thank them for what they did. However (for a number of reasons which I don’t really think is appropriate to write in this blog), I decided to join Mirantis. This is a […]