Monthly Archives: October 2013

OpenRC runscript example for rsyslog

The point of switching to a new init system is to get rid of huge init scripts. Well, here’s an example OpenRC runscript, rewriting /etc/init.d/rsyslog: #!/sbin/runscript command=/usr/sbin/rsyslogd name=”enhanced syslogd” depend() { provide rsyslogd syslog need $remote_fs $time } Pretty minimalistic to me… For the record, the original sysv-rc script was 126 lines, and the above […]

OpenRC running on Debian / kFreeBSD

I have always pretended that OpenRC would be very easy to port to Debian GNU/kFreeBSD. Well, now I stop pretending: This was done within a few hours working with upstream. Now, next-up: Debian GNU/Hurd. Hoping that porters will volunteer to do the work.

OpenStack Havana 2013.2 Debian packages available

OpenStack “upstream” was released today. Thanks to the release team and a big up to TTX for his work. By the time you read this, probably all of my uploads have reached your local Debian mirror. Please try Havana using either Sid from any Debian mirror, or using the Wheezy backports available here: deb […]

Jenkins remote build trigger (eg: from git push) tokens

After upgrading my Sid virtual machine hosting my Jenkins, build after git push stopped working. This is because version 1.503 and above require an auth token for triggering the build. Since it took me some time to search the web, I’ve decided to blog about it to save time to other Jenkins users. Under each […]

OpenStack 2013.2~rc1, aka Havana, fully available in Debian Experimental

Announcement After a very long work, over the course of 4 months, I have finished packaging the first RC1 of OpenStack. This comes on time, just 9 days before the official Havana release. Please do try this RC1 before the official 2013.2, code name Havana, is released, and hopefully uploaded to Debian. All of the […]

My old 1024 bits key is dead, please use 0xAC6B43FE

—–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA256 Hi, I am not using my old GPG key, 0x98EF9A49 anymore. My new key, using 4096 SHA2 256, with fingerprint: A0B1 A9F3 5089 5613 0E7A 425C D416 AD15 AC6B 43FE has replaced the old one in the Debian keyring. Please don’t encrypt message to me using the old key […]