My work during debcamp

I arrived in Prizren late on Wednesday. Here’s what I did during debcamp (so over 3 days). I hope this post just motivates others to contribute more to Debian.

At least 2 DDs want to upload packages that need a new version of python3-jsonschema (ie: version > 4.x). Unfortunately, version 4 broke a few packages. I therefore uploaded it to Experimental a few months/week, so I could see the result of autopkgtest reading the pseudo excuse page. And it showed a few packages broke. Here’s the one used (or part of) OpenStack:

  • Nova
  • Designate
  • Ironic
  • python-warlock
  • Sahara
  • Vitrage

Thanks to a reactive upstream, I was able to fix the first 4 above, but not Sahara yet. Vitrage poped-up when I uploade Debian release 2 of jsonschema, surprisingly. Also python3-jsonschema autopkgtest itself was broken because missing python3-pip in depends, but that should be fixed also.
I then filed bugs for packages not under my control:

  • bmtk
  • python-asdf

It looks tlike now there’s also spyder which wasn’t in the list a few hours ago. Maybe I should also file a bug against it. At this point, I don’t think the python-jsonschema transition is finished, but it’s on good tracks.

Then I also uploaded a new package of Ceph removing the ceph-mgr-diskprediction-local because it depended on python3-sklearn that the release team wanted to remove. I also prepared a point release update for it, but I’m currently waiting for the previous upload to migrate to testing before uploading the point release.

Last, I wrote the missing “update” command for extrepo, and pushed the merge request to Salsa. Now extrepo should be feature complete (at least from my point of view).

I also merged the patch for numberstation fixing the debian/copyright, and uploaded it to the NEW queue. It’s a new package that does 2 factor authentication, and is mobile friendly: it works perfectly on any Mobian powered phone.

Next, I intend to work with Arthur on the Cloud image finder. I hope we can find the time to work on it so it does what I need (ie: support the kind of setup I want to do, with HA, puppet, etc.).