How can Lintian stop being annoying

As I care to have all the Lintian output and warnings, I have this in my ~/.lintianrc:


So, by default, my Lintian setup displays all pedantic warnings. However, it’s been annoying me with the debian-watch-may-check-gpg-signature, which I don’t really care about since 1/ there’s never such a PGP stuff upstream, and 2/ I mostly use Git tags from upstream, in which I do check signatures whenever possible (and mostly, if I have upstream’s key in my keyring after a key signing party, which happened a few times). The solution? Well, very easy:

sudo sed -i 's/Disable-Tags:/Disable-Tags: debian-watch-may-check-gpg-signature,/' /usr/share/lintian/profiles/debian/main.profile

There’s nothing more to it! Of course, you can also create your own profile, with the added benefit that your changes wont be overwritten on next upgrade. But that’s overkill if you’re alone in the system, and anyway it’s damned easy to do the changes again, plus I often reinstall this computer from scratch. With the above, you can of course disable the display of any tag you wish.