Monthly Archives: September 2014

Backporting libjs-angularjs and libjs-d3 to Wheezy

If you didn’t notice, Javascript isn’t as simple as it used to be… Want to backport the 2 simple javascript libs? No problem. You then “just” need to backport a bunch of other packages which are build-dependencies… (and file #761670, #761672, and #761674 on the way when rebuilding…). Here’s the short list: gyp node-abbrev node-ansi node-ansi-color-table node-archy node-async […]

Debconf 14 activity

Before I start a short listing of (some of) the stuff I did during Debconf 14, I’d like to say how much I enjoyed everyone there. You guys (all of you, really!) are just awesome, and it’s always a real pleasure to see you all, each time. Anyway, here’s a bits of the stuff I […]