OpenStack 2013.2.2 uploaded

This is the 2nd point release of OpenStack Havana (this is the name of the current stable release of OpenStack). It was out on Thursday (US time), and I uploaded it on Friday (Chinese time). Unfortunately, I realized that the latest python-keystoneclient didn’t support the –token and –endpoint command line options, effectively breaking Keystone itself, and all automated endpoint registration in all core packages. So after fixing Keystone and openstack-pkg-tools, I had to re-upload a 2nd Debian release.

However, after this glitch, the packages passed successfully our CI testing suite: my friends at eNovance and I run the tempest functional test suite each time there’s this kind of major update, so that we can validate the packages are working as expected. And all went well after the new keystone command line options were fixed in the postinst scripts.

As a side note, I fail to see consistency on deprecating these interfaces. While we still have the old “glance index” thing in the Glance client (this is really old), keystoneclient just broke backward compatibility, when keystone is quite recent. So, it looks to me that it wasn’t a great idea to just remove –token and –endpoint this way (though I can understand the need of consistency). Hopefully, this will all be fixed anyway, when we move to the unified python-openstackclient command lines instead of per-project clients.

I realized today that the pkg-openstack team now maintains more than 100 packages. This of course includes general purpose Python modules, which probably will move to the Python module team if it one day supports Git (life is too short: I do not wish to learn such a deprecated technology as SVN). Though this is still a lot of packages, and some more are coming: as per the OpenStack TODO list wiki page, Ironic (a replacement for nova-baremetal), TripleO (OpenStack on OpenStack), Tuskar (contols where things are deployed with TripleO) and Designate (DNS as a Service) are already packaged, and I am waiting for the Icehouse (this is the name of the next stable release) beta3 to be out to upload them to Experimental. This is scheduled for the 6th of March. I believe I am currently nearly up-to-date with the current global-requirements.txt (eg: python dependencies of OpenStack), pending a few Python module upgrades, so hopefully, packaging OpenStack Icehouse beta3 will smooth.