Openstack Grizzly (2013.1~g3) available

This post is just a status update for the Openstack packaging, after the next version froze last week.

The Openstack bi-annual summit of next April will take place this year in Portland, Oregon, and if everything goes as plan, Grizzly will be released just before the summit. Grizzly will be out a bit before the next Ubuntu in April, as releases are following the one of Ubuntu. Openstack uses town names for it’s release names: Austin, Bextar, Cactus (2011.1), Diablo (2011.2), Essex (2012.1), Folsom (2012.2), Grizzly (2013.1).

I started to seriously work on the Openstack packaging in October, and never stopped working on its packaging until now. Slowly, but surely, preparing all the packages and their dependency python modules. One package at a time, working all this every day. Folsom works now pretty well and can be used in production, and I maintain it for security (along with Essex, which is in Wheezy).

Then Grizzly was frozen last week, on the 22nd of February, with the “G3” release. As I already worked on packaging the “G2” release in January, managing the packaging of “G3” was fast. On late Sunday, I had a repository with Grizzly built, and its corresponding python (build-)dependencies. But while just building your own repository is easy, having all the dependencies in Debian is a lot more work.

As of today, if I include all the python modules, I have (at least) touch around 50 packages in total when working on Openstack. Many of them were simply built from scratch. The only python dependency that needs an upgrade in Experimental, so that all dependencies are satisfied, is a new version of pep8. The rest of is new python modules that were not in Debian, and which are currently waiting in the NEW queue for ftp masters approval: python-pecan, python-tablib, python-wsme and websockify. Some of these python modules have been waiting there for a long time, like python-pecan (it’s been waiting in the NEW queue for more than 35 days now), some like websockify and python-wsme have been uploaded only this week. I really hope it can be possible to have all of Grizzly in Debian before the next Openstack summit (this depends mainly on the ftp-masters).

Note that I do not intend to apply security patches in Grizzly until it is released as the new Openstack stable. So use my private Grizzly repository as your own risk. I intend to fix this by working on some constant integration to have nightly builds, like many people are doing with Openstack. If you want to try it out:

deb grizzly main