OpenStack packaging activity: October 2014

Wednesday 1:
– Uploaded python-xstatic-jquery removing the .pth file from package.
– Uploaded python-taskflow 0.4 to experimental, needed by Cinder Juno RC1
– Uploaded Cinder Juno RC1 to experimental

Thuesday 2:
– Finally understood that the issue with murano-dashboard was that it doesn’t build without django-nose >= 1.2. Opened new patch at:
– Uploaded murano-dashboard to Experimental, now using django-nose from wheezy-backports in my jenkins setup, so murano-dashboard can be built for Wheezy.
– Uploaded python-oslotest (really is upstream 1.1.0)
– Uploaded python-oslo.serialization 1.0.0-1 (needed by Ceilometer Juno RC1)
– Uploaded Ceilometer Juno RC1
– Uploaded Heat Juno RC1
– Uploaded oslo.rootwrap
– Uploaded oslo.db 1.0.2 (bugfix release)
– Wrote a new system in openstack-pkg-tools to generate init scripts and. service files from a template, so we don’t have to write N times the same thing.

Friday 3:
– Reworked openstack-pkg-tools to generate automatically sysv-rc init scripts, upstart jobs and systemd unit files, making the system more unified and consistent.
– Applied the new system to all packages in Juno.
– Uploaded Keystone 2014.1.3-1 to Sid
– Uploaded Nova 2014.1.3-1 to Sid
– Uploaded Glance 2014.1.3-1 to Sid
– Uploaded Neutron 2014.1.3-1 to Sid
– Uploaded Horizon 2014.1.3-1 to Sid
– Uploaded Cinder 2014.1.3-1 to Sid
– Uploaded Trove 2014.1.3-1 to Sid
– Uploaded Ceilometer 2014.1.3-1 to Sid

Saturday 4:
– Uploaded Horizon Juno RC1 to Experimental
– Uploaded oslotest to Experimental
– Uploaded Ironic Juno RC1 to Experimental
– Uploaded Designate Juno RC1 to Experimental
– Uploaded Nova Juno RC1 to Experimental
– Uploaded Neutron Juno RC1 to Experimental
– Uploaded openstack-meta-packages 0.10 to Sid
– Uploaded openstack-pkg-tools 13 to Experimental
– Uploaded murano-agent Juno RC1 to Experimental

Sunday 5:
– Uploaded Sahara Juno RC1 to Experimental (it’s been approved by FTP masters)
– Uploaded Murano Juno RC1 to Experimental (it’s been approved by FTP masters)
– Fixed all debian/watch file to understand ~b and ~rc releases (fixed applied on both Icehouse and Juno branches, though no upload yet, I’ll wait until uploads are needed to have this in the archive…).
– Uploaded Trove Juno RC1 to Experimental
– Uploaded Sahara Juno RC1 to Experimental

With this last upload, everything of Juno RC1 is in Debian Experimental! \o/

Monday 6:
– Uploaded some fixes for Nova 2014.1.3-2 in Sid:
* Removed contrib/boto_v6/* in debian/copyright, replaced bin/nova-manage by nova/cmd/{baremetal_,}
* Mangling upstream rc and beta versions in watch file.
* Added 9990_update_german_programm_messages.patch, thanks to Helge Kreutzmann <>.
* Fixed correct de.po (Closes: #763682).
* Added nl.po initial Debconf translation, thanks to Frans Spiesschaert <> (Closes: #764125).
* Standards-Version is now 3.9.6 (no change).
Upstreamed german translation of po file:
– Uploaded Designate 2014.1-12 to Sid, added new de.po also to the Juno branch on alioth (but didn’t upload the fix yet).
– Uploaded sphinxcontrib-httpdomain new upstream 1.3.0 release, added Python 3.x support to the package, and transitionning to the correct namespaced python-sphinxcontrib.httpdomain package name.
– Spent most of the day fixing python-xstatic issues:
o uploaded libjs-twitter-bootstrap-datepicker 1.3.1
o uploaded python-xstatic-bootstrap-datepicker requiring this libjs package
o fixed python-xstatic-jquery-ui package
Now Horizon Juno RC1 builds well, and can be installed again. \o/

Tuesday 7:
– Backported python-libvirt 1.2.8 in Wheezy (for Nova Juno support…)
– Uploaded Ceilometer Juno RC1 with ceilometer-agent-ipmi added (the package will therefore go through the NEW queue).
– Uploaded python-requestbuilder 0.2.2-1, needed by the maintainers of euca2ools.
– Ported the unified generated init system scripts to Icehouse packages.
– Uploaded to Sid updates for: openstack-pkg-tools, ceilometer, cinder, glance, keystone, cinder, nova.

Wednesday 8:
– Uploaded openstack-pkg-tools 16 to Sid
– Uploaded murano-dashboard (with upstream fix to remove font-awesome, which was the reason for FTP master’s rejection)
– Uploaded ceilometer Juno RC1 with new IPMI agent package (needed for Ironic support).
– Uploaded heat 2014.1.3 which I forgot.
– Tested which solves the bug I sent to launchpad and approved the patch.
– Uploaded python-requestbuilder 0.2.3

Thesday 9:
– Worked on fixing Neutron Alembic migration with SQLite3.
– Uploade Neutron 2014.2~rc1-3 with a fix for a patch that was destroying This still doesn’t include the Alembic migration fixes, which are still a WIP.

Firday 10:
– Finished fixing Neutron SQLite 3 Alembic migrations.
– Uploaded neutron 2014.2~rc1-3 with the fixes.
– Fixed Ceilometer wrong generation of sample config file, using upstream patch (after discussing with Julien Danjou so he wrote it).
– Uploaded Ceilometer 2014.2~rc1-4 with the fix
– Checked that all packages can be installed in non-interactive mode. This works well now! \o/

Saturday 11:
– Uploaded new version of python-xstatic-angular-cookies (ie: which allows a higher version of libjs-angularjs (otherwise the package is not installable in Sid/Jessie since last version of angularjs is uploaded).

Sunday 12:
– Uploaded factory-boy fix for FTBFS
– Uploaded python-django-appconf FTBFS
– Uploaded Horizon Juno RC2
– Uploaded Heat Juno RC3
– Uploaded Trove Juno RC2
– Uploaded Glance Juno RC2
– Uploaded Sahara Juno RC2
– Uploaded Nova Juno RC2
– Uploaded Neutron Juno RC2
– Uploaded Cinder Juno RC2
– Uploaded murano-dashboard Juno RC2

Monday 13:
– Uploaded python-heatclient 0.2.12-1 to Experimental
– Uploaded python-yaql with RC bugfix to Sid (missing dep on python3-ply).

Thuesday 14:
– Fixed arping newly added dependency in Neutron
– Started testing install of all of openstack Juno at once

Wednesday 15:
– Fixed missing configuration files in Ceilometer (ceilometer-api couldn’t start)
– Upgraded to Ceilometer Juno RC3.
– Backported python-setuptools, as keystone and others are broken due to the namespace of modules not working correctly with the old version of python-pkg-resources. With the new one, everything is back in order.

Thesday 16:
Uploaded to Debian Experimental the final release of Juno (ie: 2014.2) for:
– Sahara
– Nova
– Ceilometer
– Cinder
– Heat
– Neutron
– Glance
– Keystone
– Horizon (with fix for Django 1.7 in the wsgi file)
Uploaded to Sid:
– Swift 2.2.0
– Horizon 2014.1.3-3 with fix for Django 1.7 in the wsgi file that was crashing apache.

OpenStack Juno packages are out!!! (ready the day of the upstream release…)

Friday 17:
– Investigated Trove RC bug #765348, couldn’t reproduce, and therefore closed it.
– Uploaded Ironic Juno final to Experimental
– Uploaded Designate Juno final to Experimental
– Uploaded a fix for python-jingo which failed to build with Django 1.7. Sent pull request upstream:
– Uploaded CVE-2014-7230 & CVE-2014-7231 fixes for both Cinder and Nova in Debian Sid, as per OSSA 2014-036 patches. No need to upload a fix for Trove, as 2014.1.3 already has the fixes.

Saturday 18:
– Started building Trusty packages
– Fixed oslo-config so that it never depends on python3-argparse, which doesn’t exist (uploaded to Experimental)
– Uploaded python-django-pyscss 1.0.3-2 with python-simplejson now as build-depends (it failed to build in my Trusty jenkins without it).
– Uploaded a fix for stevedore and oslo-config to not depends on python3-argparse in Ubuntu (added debian/py3dist-overrides)

Sunday 19:
– Uploaded python-taskflow with ordereddict in debian/pydist-overrides.
– Backported JS packages for Horizon and libvirt for Trusty (from Sid). My new Jenkin server is now producing a full set of Juno packages for Ubuntu trusty. And of course, it’s updated on each git push, just like for the Wheezy backports.

Monday 20:
– Added FORCE_COULEUR=1 when running tests in python-couleur, so that it doesn’t fail when running with git-buildpackage. Uploaded result in Sid.
– Fixed python-mockito so that it never downloads distribute or nose on its clean target, which was annoying when running git-buildpackage. Uploaded to Sid.
– Started to work again on automatic package deployment using openstack-deploy, from the openstack-meta-packages source package.

Thuesday 21, Wednesday 22:
– Worked on testing packages, did couples of minor fixes, reworked some of the default configuration files to match the install-guide, move configuration directive to the correct new section in nova.conf, etc.

Thursday 23:
– Patch the Neutron chapter in the install-guide to take into account the changes done on Thuesday 21, Wednesday 22, and simplify the install procedure in Debian.

Friday 24:
– Busy packing my stuff for moving to France… Not much packaging work, except more auto-deploy stuff and some tests.

Saturday 25:
– Uploaded Nova, Neutron, Cinder and Horizon Icehouse in Sid, including some debconf translation updates, beating the Jessie freeze deadline in 10 days.
– Fixed and uploaded openstack-debian-images in Sid: the –login option wasn’t modifying the default sudoers file, which always contained “debian”, instead of the custom login.

Sunday 26:
– Traveled to Moscow

Monday 27 & Tuesday 28:
– Fixed some murano & murano-dashboard stuff, thanks to the help of some murano team members in Moscow office. Uploaded fixes for murano & murano-dashboard. Tested that murano-dashboard works well, and now it does! :)
– Uploaded version dependency fixes for python-xstatic-angular-cookies and python-xstatic-d3 which couldn’t be installed in Sid/Jessie because of libjs-* updates.

Wednesday 29:
– Meeting with Saratov team
– Updated sahara endpoints, but didn’t upload the package yet to Debian.

Thursday 30:
– Uploaded ruby-raemon needed for Astute (part of Fuel web).
– Packaged ruby-symboltable (not uploaded yet).

Friday 31:
– Wrote unit test runner for python-webpy (the current package doesn’t have unit test runs).
– Uploaded python-dbutils (needed by unit tests) to Sid: now in NEW queue
– Uploaded python-nose-parametrized & python-nose-timer to Sid: now in NEW queue
– Uploaded sahara -2 fixing the API endpoint registration URL and service name.
– Uploaded python-sphinxcontrib.plantuml to Sid: : now in NEW queue