New release of MLMMJ (version uploaded in Debian

MLMMJ stands for Mailing List Manager Made Joyful. To me, it’s the best mailing list manager available. Not only its written in C (no slow interpreted language here…), but also it is easy and very convenient to setup. No hack is needed to make it run on a multi-domain environment, and no need to run a special subdomain for your lists (yes, I’m thinking about you, silly Mailman…). If you didn’t know, MLMMJ is used to handle relatively high traffic lists: all mailing lists for Gentoo are using MLMMJ for example.

MLMMJ has just been release upstream, few days ago (on the 29 of may). It’s with a great pleasure that I packaged (and uploaded to SID) the latest version, and wrote the changelog, where I wrote that 6 Debian specific patches (out of 8) could be removed! One of the funny changes are the renaming of the “mlmmj-recieve” into “mlmmj-receive” as it always should have been (with a symlink to keep backward compatibility), and the removal of the .sh extension to the mlmmj-make-ml (which was patched in Debian to be kept policy compliant: that’s one of the removed patches…).

Even if I did a few quick functional tests before uploading, I’d be happy to get some feedback before Wheezy is out, so please test and eventually bug-report!