Uploading a new Git repo to Alioth

Over the years, I’ve always uploaded my local git repo (git clone –bare myrep repo.git) as a tarball, which I then uncompress. But I’ve been tired of doing that by hand, so I wrote a tiny shell script for it. Nothing fancy. You just do:

alioth-new-git openstack

then it uploads your current repo to Alioth under /git/openstack, for example. It’s a really stupid script, please don’t point me to gbp-create-remote-repo, I know it exists, but I prefer my own tiny thing. Here’s the (lame) script:


set -e

PKG_NAME=`basename ${CWD}`

usage () {
echo "$0 creates a new Git repository out of your current working tree on alioth."
echo "You must be at the root of that local git repository"
echo "$0 will use the current folder as the name for the Alioth git repository."
echo ""
echo "Usage: $0 <destination-project-path-on-alioth>"
echo "example: $0 openstack will create a /git/openstack/${PKG_NAME}.git repository"
echo "note that you will need to have write access on the destination project,"
echo "which means you must be a member of that said project on Alioth."
echo ""
echo "Please send patch/comments to: Thomas Goirand <zigo@debian.org>"
exit 1

if [ $# != 1 ] ; then


# Create the tarball and upload it to Alioth
cd ..
echo "===> Cloning ${PKG_NAME} as bare: ${PKG_NAME}.git"
git clone --bare ${PKG_NAME} ${PKG_NAME}.git
echo "===> Building tarball: ${PKG_NAME}.git.tar.gz"
tar -czf ${PKG_NAME}.git.tar.gz ${PKG_NAME}.git
echo "===> Uploading ${PKG_NAME}.git.tar.gz to vasks.debian.org"
scp ${PKG_NAME}.git.tar.gz vasks.debian.org:

# Uncompress it on Alioth, fix perms and hook
# note that the below block should be put back in a single
# line, but has been broken into multiple lines for readability
# on this blog
ssh vasks.debian.org "cd /git/${DEST_PROJECT} &&
echo '===> Uncompressing ${PKG_NAME}.git.tar.gz in /git/${DEST_PROJECT}' &&
tar -xzf ~/${PKG_NAME}.git.tar.gz &&
echo '===> Activating update-server-info hook' &&
mv ${PKG_NAME}.git/hooks/post-update.sample ${PKG_NAME}.git/hooks/post-update &&
cd /git/${DEST_PROJECT}/${PKG_NAME}.git &&
git --bare update-server-info &&
echo '===> Deleting tarball on alioth' &&
rm ~/${PKG_NAME}.git.tar.gz &&
echo '===> Fxing g+w unix permissions' &&
find /git/${DEST_PROJECT}/${PKG_NAME}.git -exec chmod g+w {} \\;"

# Clean localy created files
echo "===> Cleaning local bare copy and tarball"
rm ${PKG_NAME}.git.tar.gz
rm -rf ${PKG_NAME}.git