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OpenStack: Mitaka beta 1 packages available, Liberty uploaded to Jessie Backports

OpenStack Mitaka beta 1 Debian packages available I didn’t find the time to announce it until today, though I have finished last Friday to package Mitaka Beta 1. It is available, as usual, on the Jenkins server Debian repository: deb jessie-mitaka-backports main deb-src jessie-mitaka-backports main deb jessie-mitaka-backports-nochange main deb-src jessie-mitaka-backports-nochange main […]

OpenStack Liberty and Debian

Long over due post It’s been a long time I haven’t written here. And lots of things happened in the OpenStack planet. As a full time employee with the mission to package OpenStack in Debian, it feels like it is kind of my duty to tell everyone about what’s going on. Liberty is out, uploaded […]

There’s a lot of things I’d like to blog about. The last version of OpenStack, the OpenStack Liberty design summit, Kilo in the official jessie-backports repositories, etc. Maybe the most interesting part of this blog post is the last bit at the end, about a major change in the packaging workflow for OpenStack in Debian. […]

@Erich Schubert: why not trying to package Hadoop in Debian?

Erich,   As a follow-up on your blog post, where you complain about the state of Hadoop. First, I couldn’t agree more with all you wrote. All of it! But why not trying to get Hadoop in Debian, rather than only complaining about the state of things?   I have recently packaged and uploaded Sahara, […]

OpenStack packaging activity, November 2014 to January 2015

November 2014: Sunday 2nd: – Travel from Moscow to Paris Monday 3rd to Sunday 8th: – Summit in Paris Monday 10th: – Uploaded python-rudolf to Sid (needed by Fuel) – Uploaded python-invoke and python-invocations (needed to run fabric’s unit tests) – Uploaded python-requests-kerberos/0.5-2 fixing CVE-2014-8650: failure to handle mutual authentication. Asked the release team for […]

OpenStack debian image available from

About a year and a half after I started writing the openstack-debian-images package, I’m very happy to announce to everyone that, thanks to Steve McIntyre’s help, the official OpenStack Debian image is now generated at the same time as the official Debian CD ISO images. If you are a cloud user, if you use OpenStack […]

Supporting 3 init systems in OpenStack packages

tl;dr: Providing support for all 3 init systems (sysv-rc, Upstart and systemd) isn’t hard, and generating the init scripts / Upstart job / systemd using a template system is a lot easier than I previously thought. As always, when writing this kind of blog post, I do expect that others will not like what I […]

Rotten tomatoes

There’s many ways to interpret the last GR. The way I see it is how Joey hoped Debian was: the outcome of the poll shows that we don’t want to do technical decisions by voting. At the beginning of this GR, I was supportive of it, and though it was a good thing to enforce […]

OpenStack packaging activity: October 2014

Wednesday 1: – Uploaded python-xstatic-jquery removing the .pth file from package. – Uploaded python-taskflow 0.4 to experimental, needed by Cinder Juno RC1 – Uploaded Cinder Juno RC1 to experimental Thuesday 2: – Finally understood that the issue with murano-dashboard was that it doesn’t build without django-nose >= 1.2. Opened new patch at: – Uploaded […]

Working with Mirantis from now on

During 2 years, my packaging efforts were sponsored by eNovance. It has been great to work with them, and I would like to thank them for what they did. However (for a number of reasons which I don’t really think is appropriate to write in this blog), I decided to join Mirantis. This is a […]