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You can see my "standard" CV directly on this page (HTML format), or download it (zipped HTML or word file).
Quelques-une de mes experiences
 since 2003 - GPLHost
Open-source domain name hosting worldwide!

 2001-2002 - Ykone, PDA & PHP
Some web sites and some multimédia programms for PDA.

 2001-2002 - DTC & Anotherlight
Enhancement of anotherlight web hosting services.
Developement of a web administration interface (written in PHP and released under GPL) alowing management of thousands of web, ftp and email accounts.

 2000-2001 - Carto. & PDA
At Webraska Mobile Technologies, I did a software for palm pilot, that shows you map and path.

Then I worked on a GPS navigation system for WindowsCE.

 1997-1999 - Centek & Fashion
I did an interface builder. Open a ressource file containing dialogues and menues, edit and modify it, and save your work.

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Word 200045 Kocv_thomas_goirand.doc
What I can do in few words
I can code :
- any user interface (I did already GUI kernels myself)
- any network protocols on the client or server side, having heavy deployments in production (Debian packaging, tests, production maintainance, clustering...). Domain technologie Contro, used by a growing number of companies that already trust me, is the best proof I can do it.
- any type of plateforms (here are the ones I have experience on : PDA, Web (php, java+javascript, mysql, xml), windows, linux or industrial embbeded applications).

I can take the charge of a project on my own from it's early begining until it's end.
Ingénieur de developpement, specialiste IHM et RESEAUX

Software ingeneer
What I do best : network and GUI core
tel: +33 (0) 6 63 09 64 80

Born on 1976-03-28 (27 years old)


  • Sociability, autonomy
  • Analyse capabilities and adaptability


Programming languages:

  • Highly skilled in 680x0 assembly programming (7 years experience).
  • Some knowledge of 56001 DSP and 8086 assembler.
  • Proficient in C, good skills in C++ and some experiences with Java.
  • Knowledge of XML and DOM parsing.
  • A prooven experience of programming Apache/PHP/cgi/MySQL.
  • Knowledge of sockets and HTTP programming.
  • Experienced with those tools : Code Warrior, VisualC++, GCC/GDB.
  • Knowledge of most GUI programming API (XLib, AWT, MFC, PalmOS, etc...)

System admin and networking :

  • Administration of the following systems: BSD, Windows, UNIX (Linux system administrator), MacOS (up to 9.2).
  • Design and installation of local network including integration with various systems (Mac, NT, BSD, Debian, etc.), some solid knowledge of network security.
  • Administration of hosting services (Apache, IIS, Qmail, Bind, etc...), and experiences on domain name hosting in production.

Knowledge and programming experience

  • Graphical User Interface core and event based prgramming. Knowledge of the following APIs : X-Window (XLib), GEM, PalmOS et Windows (WindowsCE)
  • Very good knowledge of hardware and electronic: processor bus, PCI, component wiring, etc...
  • Client/Serveur design (starting from low-level socket to hi-end XML).
  • Perfect knowledge of all internet tools (PHP/MySQL, apache/qmail/bind/proftpd) either on administration or in programming topics.
  • Knowledge of web sites design
  • Strong experience in PDA programing (PalmOS and PocketPC)
  • And more than all: very good in algorithmes design


Since June 2010 Officially a Debian Developer
2003 to now Big boss at GPLHost
june 2002 to mars 2003 Some web sites for the web-agency Ykone (Witness Group). Programmation of multimédia programs for PDA (Palm and PocketPC): PHP, EVC, CodeWarrior Palm.
jan 2002 to apr 2002 Debuging and enhancement of a PalmOS wrapper for PocketPC for Cegedim group: MFC, PalmOS, WindowsCE, C++.
2001 - 2002 - Development of the Anotherlight mutualised web hosting system: Admin Unix, PHP, shell scripting, GNU-Linux Debian.
- Programmation of Domain Technologie Control: a tool for managing domain name in cluster, and administration of proftpd/apache/qmail it' accouts: PHP/MySQL, named (bind), apache, proftpd, qmail.
- Programmation of an MP3 indexing tool with streaming support (more or less like mod_mp3 pour apache, PHP/MySQL.
2000 - 2001 - Ingeneering at Webraska (Webraska, mobile technologies SARL). Development of a Palm Pilot client connected to Internet for accessing the company servers for downloading maps and routes optimised with trafic infos: PalmOS, HTTP, Socket, XML, RLE compression, GPS, CGI C++ pour apache.
- Development of a verctor server under Linux, and a Palm clientPalmOS, Socket, vector compression, serveur en C sous Linux.
- Development of a navigation SDK for WindowsCE: my parts were rendering of maps (including graphical primitives), and network client (XML communication over a home-made HTTP stack) for the webraska's embedded navigation system embarqué for cars (IbDN : Internet Based Distributed Navigation): STL, XML, C++, MFC, Primitives Graphiques, QuadTree, Corba.
1999 - 2000 - Computer scentist at french navy HQ in paris (military apointment).
1997 - 1999 - Development at CENTEK SARL.
- Programmation of a WYSIWIYG Graphycal User Interface builder named Fashion, and it's corresponding hight level library for fast writting of programs


1999 DUT Informatique : Unix, MS-DOS, C, C++, Java, 8086 assembly, pascal, XWindows, C-Shell, spécification languages (B, Z, niam, graphset).
1997 1ère année d'IUT Génie-Electrique: dynamic filtering, programmation of small system, hight voltage électronic...
1996 Terminale F2 (STI option Génie-Electronique): Knowledge in électronic.

Languages: fluent in english, lot's of trips abroad (UK, Irland, USA)


Music: composition of music using MIDI and computer equipements (techno, electro, ship...)
Sport : ski, roller, trips

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