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You can see my "standard" CV directly on this page (HTML format), or download it (zipped HTML or word file).
Quelques-une de mes experiences
 since 2003 - GPLHost
Open-source domain name hosting worldwide!

 2001-2002 - Ykone, PDA & PHP
Some web sites and some multimédia programms for PDA.

 2001-2002 - DTC & Anotherlight
Enhancement of anotherlight web hosting services.
Developement of a web administration interface (written in PHP and released under GPL) alowing management of thousands of web, ftp and email accounts.

 2000-2001 - Carto. & PDA
At Webraska Mobile Technologies, I did a software for palm pilot, that shows you map and path.

Then I worked on a GPS navigation system for WindowsCE.

 1997-1999 - Centek & Fashion
I did an interface builder. Open a ressource file containing dialogues and menues, edit and modify it, and save your work.

Ingénieur de developpement, specialiste IHM et RESEAUX
Those few pages are for companies that wish to give me a work. Give me an interesting subject to work on, and I'll foccuss all my pation on it. Please note that I am now working for myself on GPLHost project, but I still have time to work on project for others (if well paid or if the project is interesting).

To know what I did and who I am, read those pages...


Fiscalite international, programation/administration Unix et php, projet et developpement collaboratif
C/C++, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Postfix, Courier, Dovecot, DTC, Qmail...
My work:
Domain Technologie Control V1, MySQmail, libapache-mod-log-sql, etc...

Ykone / Witness

Web sites creation and multimedia applications for PDA
C/C++, PHP, PalmOS, WindowsCE, Apache
My work:
- Some (dynamic) web sites
- Multimedia applications for PalmOS & WindowsCE
- A CMS (Content Management System)


Web sites hosting
linux, debian, freebsd, apache, bind, qmail, proftpd
My work:
- Web administration interface for domain names DTC
- Hosting service administration


PalmOS, WindowsCE, Cartography & navigation systems
C/C++, XML, Corba, HTTP, Socket, Threads, Primitives graphiques, Module executable pour apache
My work:
- A Direction map browser for PalmOS WPS
- Communication module and vectorial map drawing core for WindowsCE


Proprietary Operating System design (Dolmen), mother-board design
Propriétaire, Assembler 68060, GEM/AES
My work:
WYSIWIG graphical interface editor FASHION

seek - Xen VPS hosting