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Domain Technologie Control
 DTC : a web interface for controling your domain name.
 J'upload : the ultimage JAVA upload applet for your web site.
 Fashion : an interface builder written in 68030 assembly for Atari and compatibles.
PHP Functions
Tree Mem2DB lib : this small script enable transfer in both ways from memory to a MySql database of a PHP tree stored with arrays of arrays.
Multipurpose and very usefull, you'll be allowed to store any attributes you need for all nodes.
 User support
Fashion : an interface builder for Atari and compatibles

Fashion : the RSC editor for Centek's operating system:

In April 97, I started to code an RSC editor for the new Operating System called Dolmen for the new type of computer, the Phenix from Centek. For those who don't know TOS, it is a GUI builder capable of saving a file recognised by the OS. This editor is called Fashion (The skiny way to fit your GUI), and has been especialy designed for the new objetcs type of Dolmen, like G_PIX who enable the user to link image files to a ressource.

Snapshot of
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It have been entirely writed in 68030 assembly. This made me write a library that simplifys coding under Dolmen. This lib (which includes a static object and lots of macros including system calls) will be shipped for devellopers. With the alt of CENTEK and Dolmen Project, I've forgoten the idear of a dinamic linker to make realy small executables. But it is still possible to use my lib to react to graphical event (menus, windowed dialogs with popups and more...). More over, thanks to the modular concept of this lib, you will be able to make any kind of windows with a realy short code. A small example of this lib will be shipped soon to help people to understand the interest of this lib.

Now, Fashion is finished. Please note that the look'n feel of Fashion has nothing taken from Interface or Ressource-Master. It is possible to edit the attributes of more than one objet in one clic ! Look at the snapshot. It shows the flags and colors windows which interract with a list of objects.

A usable demo version (i.e: without saving) is downloadable here.
You can also have a look to the online documentation of Fashion.

Last minute note
I've finaly released the source code of that damned RSC editor, GEM-lib, rune and z-vue example, plus many more. This is all in assembly guy, and all commented in french allso, so good luck, and may the force be with you !

To anyone planed to do something with my code : I can anser to all technical question at the following adresse :



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