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 Work section
Mon CV, et mon parcours professionel.

 Projets GPL
Enter any of the page for each of my projects: Fashion, DTC, ou J'upload.

Some musics I've made with my MIDI hardware, and some of the demos I've work on.

Where to contact me using chat, email, and snail mail.

Some photos of my trip to china.
Small words from webmaster...
You've reach my site. Welcom on my web page !

This site is the 3rd I do. I hope I will like it more than one year this time, and before all, I wish that you enjoy browsing it.

Contenu du site
Domain Technologie Control is a web GUI written in PHP and under GPL licence. It is a tool for managing a web site and domain name collection: email account, email redirections, ftp access, sub-domains, quota, backup, stats, IP used...
Everything here is made with a global and unified manner for all services (configuration of qmail, proftpd, apache and bind).
* J'upload is a java upload applet that uses HTTP for sending a file to a web site. A progress bar and an estimated time of arrival allow your users to send big files with a simple modem, with the possibility to see everythings works.
Perfect for your web site, and working with all java enabled browsers.
Musiques & demos
* View some of the demos where I did some things in (nineties, on Atari plateform)
Listen to the musics I've made, few years ago, with my MIDI home studio.
For chatters
* This section is for people that wants to knowa bit more about me. Some photos, and a small speech.

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